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Where Do I Begin?

Start by planning your shipments as soon as possible. Reservations are REQUIRED to ship your vehicle.


As stated in Tariff 5A, an "Automobile" is
  • Any four-wheeled, rubber tired, self-propelled motor vehicle
  • In operable condition designed for transport on public streets and highways
  • Does not exceed 7 feet in height at the highest point
  • Does not exceed 8 feet in width at the widest point
  • Does not exceed 20 feet in length at the longest point
  • Does not exceed 6,500 lbs, vehicles falling over this weight will be considered Roll-on/Roll-Off Cargo

Roll-On/Roll-Off Cargo

Vehicles not fitting the above definition may be shipped through alternative methods and rates such as on platform or Roll On/Roll Off (RO/RO).

The definition of Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) Cargo is "To include but not limited to all types of trailers, construction and farm vehicles, buses, recreational vehicles (RV), cargo vans, trucks or any vehicle over 6,500 pounds." Vehicles falling under this category will need to provide length, width, height and weight when making a reservation."

Listed below are some simple steps to follow to ship a vehicle with Young Brothers:

  • Make a reservation at least two weeks in advance.
  • Prepare your vehicle for shipment - some simple rules must be followed to ensure your vehicle is ready for shipment.
  • Per Hawaii Revised Statues 286-271, please ensure that your vehicle paperwork is in order. You will be required to show proof of insurance, car registration and identification. If you are not the legal or registered owner of the vehicle, see our documentation requirements.
  • Drop off your vehicle to Young Brothers as indicated when making your reservation. Proper identification is required for all adults entering Young Brothers' facilities.
  • When tendering your vehicle to Young Brothers, you will be required to complete a Bill of Lading.
  • Payment may be made either at time of delivery to Young Brothers or at time of pick up from Young Brothers.
  • When picking up your vehicle, inspect vehicle prior to leaving the facility.

To learn more about shipping your vehicle with Young Brothers, Ltd., start by exploring the Process.

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